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FAQ Surf Lessons Ireland


Will I be able to stand up on the board in my first lesson?

  • Most students will get to stand up on their first lesson especially with the help of our qualified instructors. It may take a few lessons to ride an unbroken wave, this process will greatly be speed up by taking lessons regularly. This will assist with timing, understanding the ocean and patterns of waves.
Will I be able to purchase photos after the lesson?
  • Yes we will be offering a service to make sure that your first wave is caught on camera to bring that
    extra bit of stoke to your experience!
Where do we surf during the surfing lesson?

  • Our lessons will always be held at Garretstown beach unless the conditions are unsuitable in which case students are pre warned of a different location prior to the lesson

Do your surf lessons run everyday?

  • Spring, Summer & Autumn is our peak season but please contact us on [email protected] for
    any queries of opening hours.

Where does the lesson start from?                            

FAQ Surf Lessons Ireland

  • You will be able to see our logoed Van, flags and camp on the grassy patch at Garretstown beach by the beach barrier in the carpark…we look forward to seeing you there. Any issues call us on 00353 87 6547081
  • If we don’t have a car will you pick us up & drop us back after the lesson? If we are not too busy and it’s is a small group then no problem. Bigger groups please pre warn us and we will organise a mini bus from your location of choice. Please give us plenty of prior notification so we have you there on time.

When is check-in for the surfing lesson?

  • Students should aim to be at the camp 10 minutes before lessons to allow enough time to get suited up

What is your instructor: student ratio?

  • Our maximum ratio is 1:8 but generally groups will be about 1:6

Do I need to book in advance for a surfing lesson?

  • As with all businesses we prefer pre bookings. We need to arrange the best times each day for lessons as the tides and conditions are always changing so please contact us in advance to make a booking

Do I need to pay a deposit for surfing lessons?

  • Larger group bookings will need to leave a deposit. Please contact us for further info.

What payment facilities do you have?

  • Preferred payment options are cash or bank transfer. Credit cards are accepted with a  4% surchage. The nearest ATM is in Kinsale which is 10 minutes drive from the beach.

How many students are in each surfing lesson?

  • Under ISA regulations  we are obliged to take no more than 8 per instructor.

What times do the group lessons operate each day?

  •  Please contact us for bookings as times vary due to tides and conditions.

Do you still go surfing in bad weather?

  • We do as generally the waves are good then!! This will depend on the clients and also on the ocean.
  • If the ocean is too turbulent to operate in our usual area we have sheltered options that are suitable and will advise you on the location before the lesson.

Are there age restrictions on surfing lessons?           

FAQ Surf Lessons Ireland

  • Generally 4-5 years old upwards.

Do you need to know how to swim?

  • Yes it is important to be able to swim.
  • If you are not a strong swimmer you should ideally look for a private lesson one on one with our Instructor (Please see private lesson terms and rates)

Should I take a group lesson or a private lesson?

  • Private lessons are alot more beneficial as you are gaining private professional tuition in a one on one situation with an Instructor. Students who partake in private lessons always progress alot faster.

How warm is the water ?

  • Summer and Autumn are the warmest months when only lighter summer wetsuits are needed.
  • Spring will have more of a chill so we offer heavier suits and the option for boots.
  • We also conduct surf lessons occasionally in Winter. All of our wetsuits are winter suits and we will provide you with boots.

Do you offer hire of equipment every day?

  • Yes please contact us to reserve your equipment, or call in to see us at the beach.

Can I pick up a surfboard or wetsuit direct from the beach?

  • Yes. During busier weekends it is best to pre contact us so that we can reserve the right equipment for you.

What happens if I damage a board or wetsuit during my surf?

  • Depending on the nature of the damage a deposit may be lost. We charge €50 for damage to equipment.

What happens if my child is on a kids camp and the weather is too bad to run one of the days?

  • In this case we may rearrange to repeat this day at a later date if there is enough demand.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

  • A cancellation or no show will lose their deposit.

What happens if the Ocean is too flat for surfing and we have booked a Surf Lesson?

That is not a problem for us as we have a fleet of Stand Up Paddle Boards that are great for flat days. We will take you out for a S.U.P Lesson at the same price as a surf lesson.

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