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Our Ocean Protection Policy


As a company, here at Kinsale Surf Adventures we are extremely passionate and aware of the importance of conserving our waterways and oceans. We make a concentrated effort to reduce the impact we have on our natural environment and we are serious about doing our part to help preserve it so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy it now and in future generations to come.

We strive to incorporate sustainable options to lower our carbon footprint whenever possible. We look to optimise our services to align with a greener approach.We select partners that share similar values and philosophies, and devote time and energy on a regular basis to organising beach clean ups and promoting the importance working together to care for the delicate environment that gives us so much in return.

Kinsale Surf Adventures Initiating Beach Clean Up In Morocco

Kinsale Surf Adventures Initiating Beach Clean Up In Morocco

To be a surfer you must be in tune with nature, and especially with the ocean. We must all be motivated to do our part and protect our natural resources and we share this mentality with  all those who we teach. In all of our surfing, yoga lessons and surfing clinics and camps, we try to encourage respect for the ocean and the concept of working with nature instead of trying to dominate it, flowing with the energy of the ocean instead of working against it, and giving back instead of just taking .

This we believe  is the heart and soul of surfing. The Ocean is our office and and outdoor classroom. Kinsale is a special place and we help support its sustainable growth by bringing visitors to surf and enjoy its beautiful beaches and waves.

Come and join us for an unforgettable experience! We take pride in knowing that all those who pass through our surf school will leave enriched, rejuvinated and energized by their experience with us leaving minimal impact on our natural surrounding . By choosing Kinsale surf adventures you are helping us, to help the environment.Kinsale Surf Adventures Initiating Beach Clean Up In Morocco

Reduce, Reuse, Refuse Plastic and Recycle!

If The Ocean Dies- We Die!

Help Us to help the ocean.. sometimes its just the small things we can do that can make a big difference if we all do it together..

If we wait for a nation or organization to start cleaning up the mess we have created ourselves, then we will die waiting.

  • Saving the ocean starts at HOME… we can do it, and we need to do it NOW before is too late.

Here are a few things you can do.

  • Choose eco friendly Sun protection products that leave no nasty chemicals in the water when it washes off..better for your skin too!
  • Same goes for cleaning products, soaps.. and anything else that might end up in the waterways which all eventually goes into the ocean
  • Choose eco friendly surf wax.. there are alot of soy based waxes on the market now that are great!
  • Pick up any plastic or rubbish you see on the beach.
  • Say NO!!! to plastic.. watch out for excess packaging on things you buy.. take reusable bags to go food shopping.. say no to plastic drink bottles… as alot of them end up in our ocean!


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