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Private Surf Lessons

If you are a first timer or an improving surfer the best way to progress quickly, correctly and safely is to book a one on one private lesson with one of our Head Instructors. We are highly experienced surfers that are fully qualified instructors and beach life guards and motivated to ensure you experience surfing to the highest of standards.

We provide the best up to date equipment & professional Surf tuition for first time and improving surfers. We also offer a shuttle service return from Kinsale or Cork subject to availability.


During the lesson we will work towards teaching you how to get to your  feet as quickly & efficiently as possible with a goal to be standing and riding a wave by the end of the lesson.

There is always something new to learn in the sport of surfing, as you progress through the lessons we will teach you a new skills during each session including riding an unbroken wave left & right, changing direction, paddling skills, reading the waves & conditions, surfing etiquette and choosing the right equipment. Lessons with us will give you the knowledge, confidence & skills needed to practice in your own time between lessons.


Private Surf Lessons from Greville Walsh on Vimeo.

What should I bring?
Each student should come equipped with a good towel and warm clothes for after the lesson
including a jacket and a woolly hat as an option. Even though we supply booties for each lesson if you have your own we encourage people to bring their own so there is no overlap in sizes if attending a group lesson.

Sun Protection. Please ensure you have sunscreen with you don’t be fooled by clouds. Depending on the thickness of the cloud cover, it is possible to burn on a cloudy day, even if it does not feel very warm.

Also don’t forget a plastic bag for your wet togs!!

Who can do this?
We encourage any one age 4+ that has a fair level of fitness and swimming ability.



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