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The Benefits Of Yoga For Surfers

Yoga and Surfing go hand in hand.

Yoga is not a religion and it is not a sport. It is an ancient Indian tradition passed through many generations as a means to remain connected to your inner self and external world . The word yoga comes from the ancient Sanskrit word ‘yug’, which translated means ‘union’ or ‘to join’; the practice of joining mind, body and spirit.

Training our bodies is the easy part, but if you can master training your mind then the possibilities of
what you can achieve are endless.

Benefits of Yoga - Gerry Lopez

He spoke of his surfing heyday at Pipeline in the ’70s and today, at 58, he maintains that the key to staying active is maintaining a flexible spine through practising yoga. Nowadays it is becoming generally accepted that one practice can deeply enhance the experience of the other.   

Practising yoga is not about perfecting really difficult postures or becoming really flexible, it is about developing the ability to know your body and to be fully present in every moment. Anyone who has experienced both yoga and surfing does not take long to realise that they share common threads, both physically and spiritually. The physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga are vast and are a great preparation for surfing, so whether you are new to surfing or a seasoned pro, yoga can help take you to your full potential.

surfing hen parties

Both yoga and surfing are personal practices, not team sports. They are similar, in that you are often surrounded by others either in a class or in the water, but the practice itself is very personal. So whether it’s a warm-up before having a surf, trying to recover from a surf injury or looking for a way to relieve the feeling of restlessness when the ocean is flat, yoga has the answers.

surfing hen parties

With yogic breathing techniques you can develop your lung capacity and strengthen your cardiovascular system. You can surf for longer and shorten recovery time between sessions and it definitely helps if you have a big wipeout! Creating a regular yoga practice will improve your surfing, sharpen your mental focus, improve balance and increase your strength and flexibility.

So Take advantage of our Surf and yoga packages to bring your surfing to another level or to just try something new, and enjoy the freedom that having a flexible body
and mind brings – Allie Loader

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