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Yoga Holidays Ireland

Yoga teaches us to be aware of both what’s going on inside ourselves as well as what’s happening in our surroundings. We learn to to be present and completely in the moment, aspects that will make us better in the water. We try to incorporate this way of thinking – awareness of self, environment, and the interconnection of each – into surf lessons, and of course into each yoga session.

Yoga Holidays Ireland

Our Yoga Instructor Allie Loader is a massive asset to our business. Allie is from New Zealand and her two biggest passions in life are yoga and surfing. She has been trained to the highest possible standards and has internationally recognised certificates as a Registered Yoga Alliance International Instructor. She is also a certified Surf Instructor, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor , Life Guard and Outdoor Guide and has been teaching classes and one on one sessions for over 10 years .She enjoys sharing the gift of yoga with everyone no matter what stage on the path of yoga they are.

She has also had a lot of focus in helping to make yoga a vital part of training programs for high performance athletes including two NZ super 14 rugby teams and the NZ snowboard team for past winter Olympics. She has worked in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Italy and Indonesia teaching and draws influence from India where she has spent time studying and practising yoga. She teaches a blended style of yoga called Hatha Vinyasa which is a flowing cleansing, energising and dynamic practice using surf specific asanas (postures) to improve strength, stamina, balance and core stability which are all vital for improving your performance in the water. Yoga and Surfing go hand in hand and we are delighted to introduce the public to this. Please join us for any of the below options:



YOGA+SURF LESSON COMBINATION (private or group- 2 Hours)

We love to instruct our yoga classes on the beach and feel the power and energy of the ocean and its surroundings. All Yoga mats will be provided to students so all you need are some comfortable clothes, a towel and a relaxed open mind.

Yoga Holidays in Ireland


Yoga creates the bridge between mind body and soul leaves you balanced and feeling on top of the world… namaste.. Allie x




The Benefits of Yoga for Surfers

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